News 21.01.2019

“Design is for you” exhibition at the 4DD

Right where the needs, problems and emotions are. Come and take a close look at the designs created at AFA Katowice. 4DesignDays, 24-27 January 2019, ICC and Spodek.

“Design is for you” is a cyclical exhibition of outstanding works by graduates and students. It focuses on people-orientated design.

Design is not a label or a name to up the price of a thing you do not need. It is objects, services and interactions designed for people in order to build a better tomorrow. The tomorrow you expect. More beautiful – thanks to the objects which do not pretend to be something else and which defy fleeting fashions. More healthy – thanks to convenient and nice-looking medical equipment such as an insulin pump or a ventricular assist device control panel. Bringing people together – thanks to the conversation and the play that supports relationship research and allows history to be consolidated.

Who is behind this design? The young designers who will present their work are: Nikola Kucharska, Karolina Dołkowska, Iza Walusiak, Aleksander Kaszuba, Agnieszka Pluszczewicz, Kinga Pawlik, Magdalena Szumigaj, Mateusz Mioduszewski, Klaudia Gołaszczyk, Agata Gancarczyk, Sonia Łuszczyńska and Katarzyna Kalnik.

Selected awards for the exhibited works: medal for best Master’s diploma project in graphic design at AFA Katowice, medal for best Master’s diploma project in design at AFA Katowice, Grand Prix at the BLUE DROP 2018 international competition, honourable mention at the Graduation Projects 2019 international review.

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