News 14.12.2021

Design of the Year: nominations for AFAD Katowice designers

Design of the Year is Poland’s first competition of graphic design that goes beyond aesthetic assessment and considers the function of design as well as the author’s social responsibility.

In this year’s edition, the jury has nominated AFAD Katowice teachers, alumni and students. Some of them work independently, and some in collectives.

The nominees:

Social Impact category: Teksty nie tylko o typografii, Tomasz Bierkowski

New Blood category:

  • Integration of blind and seeing people, Karolina Glanowska
  • Comprehensive visual identity with elements of multimedia for the electronic music duo Janka, Zofia Paśnik

Design for a Public Institution category:

  • Visual information system for the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Museum in Warsaw, Blank Studio
  • Rebranding of Silesia Film and visual identity for 5 cinemas, Muflon Studio

Form category:

  • Visual information system for Warsaw Brewery, Blank Studio
  • Heart Pub (illustration and animation), Kasia Olejarczyk

Organizers of the Design of the Year competition say: ‘We do not want to assess the projects in terms of aesthetics only. We want the jury discussions to include their broader context, and to diagnose the development of trends in graphic design. The competition will aim to consider the nominated projects in several aspects, also juxtaposing works that fall into different formal categories. The competition categories are defined in a way that allows finding points of contact in places that are interesting from the point of view of the STGU Association of Graphic Designers.’

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