News 30.03.2022

Digital Mythologies – Mythological Digitalities. International student workshop.

From 31 March, the Academy hosts a group of students and lecturers from European partner universities.

The participants of the „Mythology: Play“ workshop will listen to lectures on Polish avang-garde theatre, on poster art, and they will watch a screening of ‘A Pink Chair,’ a performance based on the art of Tadeusz Kantor. International teams of students will then develop motion graphics inspired by or interpreting the performance (e. g. dynamic posters, animations, teasers). The results of their work will be presented at the Young AGRAFA event on 7 April.

During their stay at the AFAD, the group will also visit the Cricoteca museum in Kraków, and have a walking tour of Katowice modernist architecture and Nikiszowiec.

The workshop organized by Prof. Jacek Mrowczyk (Faculty of Design) and dr Jakub Cikała (Faculty of Art) are part of the international project titled ‘Digital Mythologies – Mythological Digitalities‘, co-financed from EU funds under the Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships scheme.

Aalto University from Finland coordinates the project. The partner schools are:
Vilnius Academy of Arts (Litwa)
AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts Antwerp (Belgia)
Institute of Art, Design and Technology Dublin (Irlandia)
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Katowice (Poland).

The project will last 3 years and will comprise 4 more student workshops and 4 training events for lecturers. The project objective is to disseminate the use of digital tools for online education in media and visual communication, and also to inspire students to use mythological themes in their artistic or design work.

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