News 20.11.2019

ECHO: MULTIsensory MEDIAtions

Jan Śliwka / Waldemar Węgrzyn / Tomasz Koclęga

The exhibition presents the multimedia works of the three artists who have been active within the last 40 years, which means they have used different technologies available at the time. As a result, we have the unique opportunity to travel through time of the metaphors of the sculpture forms, the materials used, inspirations and the range of interactive relations with the viewers.

His Magnificence the Rector of the AFA Katowice, Antoni Cygan, has taken Honorary Patronage over the exhibition.
The project has been co-financed by the City of Gliwice.

Galeria Brama
Gliwice, ul. Krótka 1-3
Opening: 23 November, 18:00
Exhibition open until 7 December 2019
Curator: Bogdan Król

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