News 01.10.2020

Encounters: Jakub Padula

Encounters of ancient temples and modernity with its technological progress. Metamorphoses of remote contexts, cultural and ideological changes, examined with the use of ancient artefacts, appropriated and translated from their original places, deprived of their eternal sanctity.

Jakub Padula

Born in 1997, 3-rd year student of Graphic Art at the AFA Katowice. He creates installations, objects, prints and videos. His work focuses on the process, discovering the right form through work which is often repetitive, with the application of certain assumptions or criteria. He has taken part in the following exhibitions: Equinox, Brick City Gallery, Missouri State University, Art and Design Department, Spriengfield, USA; Heading South, Open Space of the AFA Katowice, curated by Martin Newth; 2018 Student Print of the Year, Rondo Sztuki Gallery, Katowice.

Jakub Padula, Encounters (Spotkania)
Galeria 302, 19 Koszarowa st.
Rules for visiting are available on the AFA website.

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