News 07.02.2023

Exhibition of prints by Wawrzyniec Strzemieczny in Koszarowa 19 Gallery

Finissage on Wednesday 8 February at 1 p. m.

I use abstraction as a language of communication and I am aware of the fact that it is not always sufficient. I focus my attempts on what remains after us, human beings. On the traces we leave and the passing time.

The entropy of everything seems to be the main principle of the ‘time machine’ in which we live. Each day, we arrange our reality in the belief that it will grant us a sense of meaning and balance. The scope of my interest encompasses the element of anarchy and evolution. It is like watching the reality under a magnifying glass and seeing its patterns in the real, ever-changing structure.

Wawrzyniec Strzemieczny

Graduate of the The Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Faculty of Graphic Art and Painting, Chair of Printmaking. Teacher of graphic design at the Faculty of Textile and Fashion.

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