News 06.07.2020

Face shields for hospitals: action summary

4841 face shields for 46 hospitals: this is the final result of the Academy’s action of producing face shields at the school’s modelling studio from early April.

In early April soon after the pandemic started, we began producing face shields at the modelling studio on the initiative of the Rector, lecturers and employees of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. The face shields were then donated to hospitals and care homes in Silesia.

After the first part reached the recipients, the demand turned out to be much greater than previously estimated. Unfortunately, the funds were scarce to purchase the necessary material but the following companies offered their help:

Welding Alloys Polska Sp. z o. o,
Woodica Fabryka Mebli Drewnianych
Biuro Projektowania Systemów Cyfrowych Sp. z o. o. (BPSC)
Katowickie Wodociągi S.A.

Thanks to their input, we were able to produce nearly 5,000 face shields in three months and offer them to the medical staff to support them in their demanding task of battling COVID-19.

The “face shield” action owes its success to the engagement of many people: first of all, Mr Piotr Sabatowski and Mr Paweł Staszewski who cut out the shields and Ms Katarzyna Sekret, who assembled them from the very beginning. We were also greatly helped in this difficult task by the staff of Silesia Film and the 32nd Harcerska Drużyna Wodna scouting unit.

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