News 01.10.2020

Femininity at Rondo Sztuki Gallery+

The exhibition of three artists deriving from Roman Kalarus’s Poster Studio offers three original views of femininity.

Monika Starowicz, Joanna Ambroz and Filip Ciślak have developed original styles of expression, and a combination of these three aesthetics may yield surprising results. Surely surprising will be the medium used by the artists to show their visions connected with the theme.

“Forcing the female energy out of its equal position by the patriarchal system of the great religions which currently dominate the world is something I have always viewed as an absurd assault on the ancient harmony and divine order of the world,” declares Monika Starowicz. “I have always been fascinated by the female energy in all its aspects: the primordial, sensual, goddessy, as well as the harmonious subtlety.”

Joanna Ambroz is inspired by sexuality, dead-end situations and the symbolism of works of art. She says, “I like understatements in art, and a masterly use of the sign.” The women in her posters can be depicted as sensual and exuding unbridled sexuality, or shown metaphorically with a symbol, gesture or attribute.

Filip Ciślak, poster artist and designer, is consistently passionate about calligraphy. His art of handwriting not only carries the content but also, through its form, expresses the character and emotion of the message. His typographic designs are a unique combination of art and design.

Artists: Joanna Ambroz, Filip Ciślak, Monika Starowicz
Curator: Adrian Chorębała

Rules for visiting are available on the Rondo Sztuki Gallery website. The exhibition is open until 4 November.

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