News 20.05.2019

Film by AFA alumna in the competition of the 72nd International Festival de Cannes

Out of over 2,000 entries, seventeen films were qualified for the 22nd Cinéfondation competition. Only three of those were animations, including two made by Polish film-makers. One of the authors is an alumna of the AFA Katowice.

Cinéfondation, the student short film competition of the 72nd International Festival de Cannes, included the animations “Duszyczka” (“The Little Soul”) by Barbara Rupik, produced by the Lodz Film School, and “Roadkill” by Leszek Mozga. Barbara Rupik graduated from the AFA Katowice and currently studies at the Lodz Film School.

A visually rich animation; the story begins somewhere on a river bank where a dead body lies. Its decomposing interior still shelters a soul, a miniature of the dead person's body. The rotting organs open and the tiny figure forces its way out. Standing on the bank, it bids farewell to its body and starts on a journey of the afterlife land.

The film is represented by the Kraków Film Foundation.

The  72nd International Festival de Cannes takes place from 14 to 25 May.

More information available of PISF website.

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