News 11.07.2023

First Polish photographer joins the world’s most famous photographic agency

Yes, he is an AFAD Katowice graduate!

From July, Rafał Milach is a full member of the Magnum Photos. The agency was founded in 1947, its founding members included Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Milach was selected to be a permament Magnum Photos member together with Lúa Ribeira, Nanna Heitmann and Gregory Halpern. The membership is lifetime.

When he was invited to collaborate with Magnum Photos in 2018, he told Gazeta Wyborcza: ‘I never really thought about whether Magnum was the place for me. I grew up watching the photos of this agency, just like, probably, most photographers interested in documentary. I moved away from the classically understood documentary photography, although I still draw from this genre. I applied for membership at the suggestion of Mark Power [British photographer], who asked if I would consider submitting a portfolio. I have to admit I was surprised.’

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