News 10.01.2019

Four walls of jazz

Poster exhibition. The artists include AFA Katowice lecturers: Monika Starowicz, Roman Kalarus and Mariusz Pałka and alumni: Sebastian Kubica and Waldemar Świerzy.

What kind of associations does jazz bring to our minds? Do we imagine instruments, the atmospheric interiors of nightclubs, or the silhouettes of jazz musicians and singers? This January, we have a chance to see how poster artists perceive and interpret jazz. The exhibition titled “Four walls of jazz,” organized by the Dydo Poster Gallery, shows over 60 works of Polish artists produced for music festivals and jazz-themed exhibitions. We will see the works of famous and popular poster artists, including Rafał Olbiński, Jan Sawka, Rosław Szaybo, Waldemar Świerzy. The show poster was created by Agnieszka Sobczyńska. Art and music lovers will enjoy the works created for events such as the International Jazz Festival, Jazz on the Odra, International Festival of Jazz Pianists, or Jazz in the Ruins. This collection of masterpieces is a must-see for all jazz fans. The Kraków gallery will house even gems from 1972!

The exhibition opens on Thursday 10 January at 18:30 and will be available until 27 January. A dancing closing event is planned for 26 January, 20:00; admission is free.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an art workshop for children aged 7-12 on 19 January from 12:00 to 15:00. The participants will create their own instruments using cardboard, coloured paper, markers, ribbons and other materials. At the end of the workshops the instruments will be put to use and each member of the amateur jazz band can be carried away by the joy of improvisation. The workshop leader will be Zuzanna Gwóźdź. Admission is free; to reserve a place please write to The number of places is limited.

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