News 01.12.2023

Fredro’s Quill for Jacek Mrowczyk

The jury has recognised the book titled "Wy-twórcy książek. Historia społeczności wydawniczej w czasach PRL-u” (The creators of books. History of the publishing community in communist Poland"), co-published by the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Katowice.

Fredro's Quill is an award presented for the best-edited book in the Polish market (in terms of graphic design, typography and art).
The publication shows the history of the publishing community in an unusual way – treating people who design books on an equal footing with editors. This is because each book is the result of the joint work of its author, the publishing and graphic staff, the designer who decided on its appearance, or even the printer. The stories of Polish publishing houses included here show not only their organisational and commercial side, but also the lives of the people associated with them.

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