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Gallery Night: Happy as Lazzaro and Opening Exhibition

Exhibition open till midnight and a film at 20:00. Visit the Katowice Gallery Night.

The exhibition accompanying the Inauguration Ceremony of the Academic Year at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice comprises a selection of works from the end-of-year exhibition, presented just before the holidays. The June show was an opportunity to review and summarize the achievements of the previous year.

The exhibition title: Do widzenia (See you later) is an obvious reference to the visual, which is the main area of our activities, at the same time hinting at the meetings after the holidays. Today the meeting happens and we show you a selection of the best works but the moment is quite different: it is the time of defining plans and challenges for the future. This exhibition closes a certain stage, at the same time being a starting point of another journey.

We are aware that while beggining the next stage, we must take into account the things that came before, therefore we go back, analyze and assess our experiences, actions and results. We are proud of our achievements and draw conclusions from the things that could be improved. This awareness shapes our aspirations and motivatin to act in the new year.

Happy as Lazzaro
The Rhino cinema opens the new season with the award-winning picture by the Italian director Alice Rohrwacher.

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