News 04.11.2020

German Design Award 2021 for AFA Katowice lecturers

Recognition for Data for Culture research report design

The authors of the website are Paulina Urbańska, Waldemar Węgrzyn and the Medialab Katowice team. GDA is awarded by the German government to highlight the best examples of good, efficient and responsible design.

‘For several months a group of city researchers, programmers, analysts and designers have been getting to know the cultural ecosystem in Katowice, using design as a tool for acquiring and presenting knowledge. The data came from social media, online services and thousands of participants who took part in a survey. The aim of the project was to create tools enabling the analysis of the cultural life of the city and facilitating decisions for organisers, decision-makers, activists and residents. In order to reconcile the requirements of all target groups, we developed a multi-channel design comprising an online report based on data visualisation, a series of articles and an exhibition at the Institution of Culture Katowice: City of Gardens. The project does not give definite recommendations, however we hope it becomes a point of departure for a further analysis, while the methods and tools can be used in other cities,’ say the winners.

Website design authors:

Paulina Urbańska, Waldemar Węgrzyn – design
Michał Smoliński (, Krzysztof Granek, Dawid Górny – implementation
and Medialab Katowice team led by:
Karol Piekarski – research team manager
Oskar Adamus, Magdalena Chmiel – coordinators

Project available at

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