News 12.10.2022

Good Design (Dobry Wzór): a design by Adam Klisz in competition finals

Another award for the AFAD teacher. Jury appreciates decorative light fittings.

The jury paid special attention to the innovativeness, aesthetics, functionality and quality of the implemented solutions. The recognized design, IKI light fittings, was created for AQForm.

 ‘IKI is a Japanese word that signifies the pursuit of uniqueness, a desire for experience paired with a fascination with balance. It also involves a dislike of excess and a love of beauty and elegance. This is what the IKI fitting is like: balanced, with a delightful form. The IKI lamp collection is the effect of a creative dialogue and a fusion of the experiences of the Polish lighting manufacturer AQForm and Andrzej Klisz, professor of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Katowice,’ says the manufacturer.

‘Light needs suitable fitting and requires venturing beyond tired patterns. IKI is an excellent example of reaching harmony based on the changing relations,’ adds Andrzej Klisz.

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