News 22.10.2021

Good Innovations: money for designers connected with AFAD Katowice

30% of the projects proposed for implementation are the ideas of people connected with AFAD Katowice

‘Good Innovations’ is a project that supports initiatives which help people with disabilities or senior citizens with reduced mobility or perception. Authors of the most interesting proposals receive advisory and organizational support, as well as financial grants up to PLN50,000.

This year, financing has been granted to 20 initiatives. 30% of these are ideas submitted by people connected with AFAD Katowice:

1. Patrycja Magryś (student of Design) – Easel for all!
2. Jolanta Jastrząb (AFAD professor) – Innovative method of creative activation of senior citizens based on artification  
3. Michał Justycki (AFAD doctoral student) – A tool to popularize art-related words in sign language
4. Monika Skowrońska (Design graduate) – Independent senior citizen. Improved accessibility for food preparation: water pouring aid for kettle or jug
5. Małgorzata Romanowska (Design graduate) and Kinga Pawlik (AFAD teacher) – reGeneracja.

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