News 06.05.2022

Horticultural therapy as self-therapy tool

Students of the Visualization of Ideas and Processes Studio in cooperation with the Gliwice Palm House

The ‘Horticultural therapy as self-therapy tool’ project was inspired by circumstances connected with the pandemic. We still have fresh memories of the restrictions, being locked up in our living spaces, and the consequent sense of isolation from nature. How precious then it turned out to have a balcony, one’s own garden, or even a windowsill with plant pots as a substitute for contact with nature. This difficult experience made us realize how important contact wish nature is for the human life.

The foundation idea of the project carried out by the students of the Visualization of Ideas and Processes Studio was to offer tailored forms of horticultural therapy specific groups of users. The selected users included blind and visually impaired people, senior citizens, asthma or other respiratory disorder sufferers, depression patients and workaholics.

The cooperation lasted several months. The final exhibition presented the artistic and design works of students realized under the supervision of the AFAD Chair of Visual Communication teachers: dr hab. Ewa Stopa-Pielesz and dr hab. Damian Pietrek.

Authors: Justyna Charchut, Julianna Czopczyc, Milena Kebede, Aleksandra Latos, Elwira Schabikowska, Paula Smolka, Alicja Walczyk

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