News 24.04.2019

How to see the world? A readers' meeting.

Friday 10 May at 12:00. We are reading an accessible and evocative guide on the contemporary visual culture. Free admission, of course.

'Whether we like it or not, the global society that is forming right now is a visual society,' writes  Nicholas Mirzoeff, researcher of visual culture from New York University and an active social critic.

Mirzoeff shows how the digital, urban, global society transforms the familiar forms and genres of pictures, such as the self-portrait, into its new language (for example, by creating the most democtratic embodiment of a self-portrait: the selfie). However, visual technologies serve not only bottom-up, progressive or subversive activities but also, or perhaps first of all, the governments, which have consistently transformed visuality into a space of politics and war since the 19th century. A superior manifestation of these aspirations of the governments of global powers is the military drone: a flying camera equipped with a missile, a remote-controlled killing device.

Place: Library of AFA Katowice
Time: 10 May, 12:00

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