News 24.07.2018

iF Design Talent Award and two other awards

Kamil Kowalczyk, a design student of the AFA Katowice, has received honourable mention in the 2018 iF Design Talent Award

The jury have appreciated the Senso home diagnostic system designed by Kamil. Its wi-fi transmission and stable form make the it an autonomous diagnostic unit, whose interface is the user's smartphone. Four analytic systems examine our environment and provide reliable information on the presence of heavy metals, allergens and the soil pH.

Kamil has won other awards before. In May 2018, during the Łódź Design Festival, his project was qualified for the Make me! 2018 competition final. Kamil presented his EGGy construction material design and provided the examples of its uses. The material was designed in cooperation with the Ceramic Studio of the AFA Katowice.

Even before that, in 2017, Kamil found himself among the winners of INDUSTART – International Industrial Design Awards. He presented a lamp that takes into account the changing glancing angle of light, which allows spaces to be lit in a harmonious way while ensuring even lighting. The jury appreciated the innovativeness of the solution, the subtle geometry, and the possibility of joining the modular elements depending on the needs. In addition to the lamp, Kamil's Bachelor diploma project was also nominated for the award (TUBES machining station).
The award ceremony of the INDUSTART international competition took place in Kiev on 20 May 2017. The participants included designers from 55 countries from all continents. The projects were assessed by 40 design experts from 14 countries: journalists, architects and designers. The idea of the competition is to introduce harmony into matter, and to implement it on a commercial scale in different aspects on the environment.

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