News 30.06.2021

International Triennial of Graphics in Kraków

Jakub Stelmach, a first-year student of the Faculty of Graphic Design, qualified for the exhibition Transgrafia 2.0 | Sztuka jest przestrzenią wolności (Art is a space of freedom)

Art is a space of freedom. Reprieval. Hope. Art. Freedom. The year 2021 brings hope of liberation from the trauma of the pandemic. Vaccinations, social distancing, face masks and obsessive hand washing are likely to become part of the cultural changes that will define our world forever. Never before have the concepts of loneliness, transition, free choice or, finally, social transgression been so fundamental to our personal freedom.

Let's meet during the third edition of Transgrafia! - Curator Katarzyna Wojtyga

Read more on the event page.

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