News 30.09.2020

Kalarus All Over in Rondo Sztuki Gallery

Roman Kalarus is exceptional for many reasons. Firstly, his works are inseparable from his character. Secondly, he is called a Master in his lifetime. Thirdly, Master Kalarus in always at that boyish age, full of charm and fascination.

Perhaps this is why he has got away with his innocently combining the sacred and the profane, busts with heavenly hosts. Explaining associations about Kalarus is like explaining TikTok to teenagers. It is like describing a pleasure without experiencing it.

Roman Kalarus’s aesthetics comprise a fascination with the body, flight, speed and sexual drive. The images are dynamic and full of significant detail, vivid in colour. He is visible regardless of the medium of expression: in his characteristic poster, the lettering hand, illustration, prints, scenography and polychrome in the Archdiocese chapel. We are presenting only a fraction of his enormous body of work, which elbows its way in the space and into the viewer’s head. It plays ironically with the sense of morality, disregarding it. It is but play. The Master is absolved of all disagreements and misunderstandings of the sense of humour. After all, he is a romantic who will one day fly away in a Zeppelin.

Roman Kalarus: professor of fine arts, icon of poster art, graphic designer and illustrator. Born in 1951, Prof. Kalarus teaches the Poster Design Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. His works are featured in important poster and graphic art shows in Poland and abroad. Participant of exhibitions, seminars and workshops, including Grafist ‘99 – Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul (Turkey); Vital – Center for Design Studies, Tel Aviv (Israel, 2000); Universidad Diego Portales and Universidad Viña del Mar, Santiago and Viña del Mar (Chile, 2005); Indiana University of Pennsylvania (USA). Co-author and co-creator (together with Joanna Piech) of the paintings and stained glass windows in Blessed Karolina Kózkówna church in Tychy and Our Lady Mother of the Church church in Katowice. Recipient of numerous awards and distinctions. He creates paintings, posters, prints, graphic signs, illustrations, theatre scenography, church interiors and music clubs.

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