News 18.03.2021

Kierunek gruba: AFA Katowice new publication

Three artists have taken care of the past, recording it affectionately: they have given their attention to the people and places which will soon be gone. They intend to help us better understand and feel both ourselves and other people, as well as our present surroundings shaped by history.

“Kierunek gruba” refers to the images and sounds that “occurred” during our cooperation. We have directed our artistic crosshairs onto post-industrial architecture, focusing our reflection on two regions: Upper Silesia and Wallonia. While traveling in Poland and Belgium we came up with the idea of a joint presentation of our works, which has resulted in the exhibitions in Katowice, Tychy, Namur and Charleroi. We have also identified the need to describe the process of performing our activities and gaining the experiences. We want this project to show the world which we grew up in and which determined our everyday lives; to impose a form on the deteriorating landscape.

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