News 13.07.2023

Latin figurations

Exhibition of Tadeusz Boruta, Antoni Cygan and Piotr Naliwajko at the Zachęta.

All three artists developed their painting languages based on the means of expression formed in the tradition of figurative painting, whose superior feature is a parallel reference to the real world, with the central expressive function of the human figure. The outside world with all its richness of spatial forms, shapes, colours, and play of light and shadow is a fundamental point of reference for this artistic convention, both in terms of aesthetics, ideology and narrative.

As the only one of the artists presented at the exhibition, Antoni Cygan invokes important biblical, mythological and genre themes, keenly using the strategy of emulation in terms of compositional structures, and chromatic and grayscale characteristics. Moreover, he attaches great significance to the richness of the painting matter and the nuanced chromatic and grayscale play.

Zachęta — National Gallery of Art is an institution whose mission is to popularize contemporary art as an important element of cultural and social life. The place where the most interesting phenomena in the art of the 20th and 21st centuries are presented.

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