News 31.05.2019

Łódź Design Festival 2019 – award for AFA Katowice student

Special award and PLN 10,000 for Mateusz Mioduszewski for his ASHka: ash ceramics

The author says about his project:
Living in Silesia, I have become aware how and in what quantities coal is excavated. While analyzing the market, I noticed the area of energy industry. The fact that a massive part of the industry in Poland relies mainly on fossil fuels is not without its significance. Delving further into the topic, I noticed that this sector of economy produces enormous quantities of waste, predominantly ashes. After numerous trials I finally arrived at a material including as much as 70% of ash waste. Technical tests have proved that the material is perfect for ceramic tiles, crockery or plant pots, with a view of extending the range of products. An additional aspect of the material is its broad creative potential related to the colouring or molding possibilities.

Mateusz Mioduszewski
Student of industrial design at the AFA Katowice. In 2018, his work won the main prize at the Blue Drop international competition, and received honorary mention at the Graduation Project 2019. Before he came to Silesia, Mioduszewski graduated with distinction from the secondary art school in Supraśl, specializing in woodcarving. He cooperates with professional design studios, cultural institutions and private businesses. He specializes in industrial design, graphic design and photography. Apart from that, his interests include theatre and film, therefore he designs and creates scenography.

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Łódź Design Festival is the oldest design festival in Poland, devoted to industrial design, graphic design, architecture, crafts, service and interaction design. The festival aspires to be the most influential design event in Central and Eastern Europe.

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