News 14.01.2019

Łukasz Lewandowski – India ink on paper

Exhibition opens in Galeria Koszarowa

Graphic art has a subservient nature. These were the words of my mentor Bohdan Pasiciel, artist and teacher of graphic design. I try to remember them in my activities (called art for the benefit of the viewers).
Today, I understand the subservient quality as context. My relations with the environment are my service, my context of the exhibited works.
The series of the plaster cast etchings was created en plein air, the technique imposed by the spartan conditions in the post-Soviet countries. The series includes the “Catechism” dedicated to the Lithuanian Millennium.
The series titled “People of flesh and blood” was created in the context of the neighbours of my studio in Gruczno. Distrustful people with complicated relations and stories, they subjected themselves to self-therapy while entering into relations with their neighbours during the short portrait sessions.
The large-format India ink drawings on paper are the illustrations created for the benefit of my most important reviewers: my children. The most important works were produced for them and about them over the period of three years, some of them directly accompanying the text of  vigorously-told stories.
Deciding to become a professional “artist,” one is put in the awkward position of speaking about oneself and one’s work. I am happy to resort to the stories of the golden age of my progeny’s childhood, which is my context. I am at its service.
This is how Łukasz Lewandowski describes his art.

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