News 06.06.2019

Marcin Nowrotek: the author of best music animation

“Nebula” won an award at the 10th International Animation Film Festival Golden Kuker- Sofia

NEBULA is an experiment that aims to find common ground between two tendencies in film history: the Lumière re idea of film as a record of reality, and the Méliès philosophy of using the film medium as a tool to create fantasy worlds. NEBULA draws from both approaches and becomes the place where a recorded figurative image intertwines with abstract compositions.

Using the volumetric film-making technique, on the one hand it records an event – the meeting of musicians who play a composition by Maciej Obara – and on the other hand it tries to present the visual experience of music through the application of the soundtrack. The image created as a result of the recording represents the  Lumière line, focused on the faithful representation of reality. By contrast, the musical stratum becomes a tool to create abstract visual compositions (the Méliès line). The resulting audiovisual form resembles a music video.

The film was presented at festivals worldwide, including in Canada, the USA, Brazil, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Australia and New Zealand.

In Sofia, NEBULA won the best music film category. The Bulgarian award follows the awards at the 2018 Animator in Poznań and the Gdańsk International Animation Festival (where it was also named best animated music video).

NEBULA is available at

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