News 16.04.2019

Mehdi Darvishi, The Magic of Printmaking: exhibition closing event

The exhibition is presented at Galeria Engram of the City of Gardens. The project includes also workshops conducted by the author at the Intaglio Studio of the AFA Katowice on 16 and 17 April.

The project of annual presentation of “The Magic of Printmaking” cycle has become a permanent fixture of the artistic event calendar at the Academy of Fine Arts. The encounters with the art and workshop of printmaking attract great interest, not only among the students of our school.

Last year, the 5th edition of “The Magic of Printmaking” hosted Kacper Bożek, the young artist from Kraków, whose talent, personality, imagination, and also respect for the classical techniques has drawn our attention and left us in raptures. His presentation on etching proved that is remains a discipline that is alive and developing.

This year, thanks to the artistic contacts of Marcin Białas, we are hosting the great Iranian artist Mehdi Darvishi. I hope that this meeting becomes an opportunity to get to know and discover the graphic works of the artist but also of the culture of his home country. The exhibition of prints at the Galeria Ingram and the workshops with the artist are organized, like in the previous years, by the City of Gardens Institution of Culture and the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.  

Prof. Jan Szmatloch

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