News 12.11.2018

More light! The Ars Cameralis Festival begins.

This year’s festival comprises, as usually, literature, music and visual arts, as well as workshops and meetings, some of them involving AFA Katowice alumni and lecturers.

We especially recommend the project titled Więcej światła! (More light!), which starts at the Szombierki heat and power plant and ends at the Silesian Museum, visiting AFA Katowice on the way.

The phenomenon of light and its presence in art and public space.


Place: Cinema at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
Free admission

We perceive the world thanks to light, and its creative potential is present in each aspect of our lives. It defines colours, textures and shapes, influences not only our perception but also our health, mood and state of mind. It is an intriguing factor, studied and used in art for millennia with a different intensity in different periods, and today additionally in different areas of art, which have made light the fundamental material of their work. The function of light in art and public space, its symbolism, significance, and mysticism have become a topic which brings together the events of this edition of the Więcej światła! Project. This is the second time when Polish and German artists have made light the protagonist of their artistic activities, meetings and workshops. The phenomenon of light is still open to exploration and reflection, and it will become the focal point of the conference talks and discussions.

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