News 04.03.2020

Multisensory Mediations: Chair of Multimedia at the Museum

Exhibition of multimedia works realized at the Time Based Media Studio, Animation and Video Games Studio, and Photograpy Studio

The 2020 Multisensory Mediations exhibition presents the works created in the three studios comprising the Chair of Multimedia. The interdisciplinary Time Based Media Studio shows experimental videos using advanced IT techiques for the creation of dynamic image and sound, typography in movement, film technologies, narratology and performative activities (mapping, Vjing).

Works from the Photography Studio include documentary photography and photobooks. The Animation and Video Games Studio presents works realized in different technologies, from classical time lapse cartoon animation to digital creations using 3D and virtual reality (title sequences, video game trailers, gameplays, festival spots and animations based on original scripts).

The exhibition also provides an opportunity to showcase  the works of some of our teachers and doctoral students. We will see Nebulla, the stereoscopic animation in 3D technology by dr Marcin Nowrotek (the film has won awards at internetional festivals of animation), and the photography cycle referring to the notion of “the third landscape” by dr Krzysztof Szewczyk. Another interesting work is the videodocumentary of the concert/multimedia installation titled ‘Gdzieniegdzie’ that was presented at the AFA’s Rondo Sztyki Gallery during the 8th Festival of First Performances of New Polish Music,organized by NOSPR i Katowice. The project was realized by Tomasz Strojecki (doctoral student at the AFA Katowice) and Paweł Hendrich (composer) with Orkiestra Muzyki Nowej led by Szymon Bywalec).

The 2020 Multisensory Mediations exhibition summarizes the achiements of the Chair of Multimedia and allows us to present the results of our work, while sharing the success of our students and teachers with the public who visit the Theatre and Film Department of the Museum of the City of Katowice.

Bogdan Król

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