News 20.10.2021

Multisensory mediations

20 years of Multimedia at AFAD Katowice. Screenings at the cinema in 50 Raciborska.

The exhibition in the Open Space will be accompanied by cinema screenings from 20 October.
Programme in the attached file.

In 2021 the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Katowice celebrates its 20th anniversary as an independent institution of higher education, as well as 20 years of Multimedia. We want to use this important moment to present to a wider audience the many works of multimedia art, photographs and installations in the Open Space, the Rhino cinema and several significant places in the centre of Katowice.

The exhibition will present selected interactive, VR and audio-visual works, multimedia installations, animations, photographs, digital prints and videos, created by the teachers and students of the AFAD Katowice. They present a summary of the last 20 years of development of different uses of multimedia in art and design. Works of alumni who have achieved a special position in the world of multimedia will also be presented.

A special guest will be Jan Śliwka, Gliwice-based creator of multimedia and moving sculptures. In the 1980s, he collaborated with the distinguished composer Krzysztof Penderecki and the great jazz musician Krzysztof Zgraja.

The exhibition programme includes audio-visual and interactive concerts by artists who work with advanced multimedia technologies, as well as artists who operate at the crossroads of classic and digital art.


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