News 23.05.2019

Muschalik & Friends Auction: we support the search for Bruno

On Thursday 23 May the Szyb Wilson Gallery in Katowice will host an auction, whose proceeds will support the search for Bruno Muschalik. The patronage over the event has been taken by the Rector of the AFA Katowice and by Johann Bros. The works have been donated by the teachers of the Academies of Fine Arts in Katowice, in Łódź and in Wrocław, and by other artists. The auction begins at 18:00.

Bruno Muschalik is the son of Piotr Muschalik, a recognized photographer and teacher of the AFA Katowice, who has spent nearly four years trying to find out what has happened to his son in India. The search has engaged not only local services and lawyers but also detective agencies from Israel and Poland.

The search for Bruno has bee widely publicized by the media in India and in Poland, including recently:

- Dzień Dobry TVN,
- Pytanie Na Śniadanie
- TVP Info
- Gazeta Wyborcza.
The entire proceeds from the auction will be used for activities which can help establish what has happened to Bruno Muschalik. Piotr will produce a special print for everyone attending the auction.

Muschalik & Friends Art Auction
23 May, 18:00, Szyb Wilson Gallery
Hosted by Mirosław Neinert
Performance by Fortis Quartet
Admission/Donation/Pring: PLN30

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