News 27.09.2020

New Academic Year

We are happy to be back together, although partly online. Read the new guidelines.

In order to limit the risk of infection, we observe the current epidemiological guidelines and Academy regulations.

In a nutshell:

Classes are held in the hybrid mode during the state of epidemic and up to 30 days after it has been lifted.

All theoretical classes (including lectures, seminars, tutorials) in full-time, part-time and doctoral studies are held online.

Practical classes (including art and design, classes, corrections and workshops) in full-time, part-time and doctoral studies are held in the hybrid mode, i. e. on site and online alternately, according to the rules agreed by the teacher with the Dean.

The number of people taking part in classes online is limited and depends on the decision of the teacher. Classes will take place subject to keeping safe distances between the workstations or seats.

Students may use the studios individually, subject to the Rector’s permission.

Students who use studios with computer equipment, photographic equipment, tools or machinery, should bring disposable gloves and wear them at all times. Used gloves and face masks should be disposed of in the mixed waste bin.

Teachers should air the room before a class starts, and again every hour during work.

People in quarantine or isolation, or people with COVID-19, are not allowed on campus. The same rules applies to people with symptoms similar to COVID-19.

Only people with body temperature below 38 degrees Celsius will be allowed into the buildings.

Visitors should request AFA Katowice Rector’s permission to enter,
write to:

At the Academy premises:
-    maintain distance (1.5 m)
-    cover your mouth and nose (mandatory in hallways, optional in classrooms)
-    disinfect your hands
-    inform the reception about the purpose and planned duration of your visit
-    disinfect your workstation

Only one person at a time is allowed in administration offices, apart from their employees. Visitors must disinfect their hands and cover their mouths and noses before entering.

Participants of cultural events organised by the Academy are required to obey the rules specified for visitors.

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