News 10.01.2019

Nie ma – readers’ meeting

AFA Library invites readers to discuss Nie ma by Mariusz Szczygieł. Admission is free.

Mariusz Szczygieł, winner of the European Book Prize and 2013 Journalist of the Year, tells true stories about things missing. Someone is missing. Something is missing. There is no past. No memory. No cheese forks. No love. No life. No fiction. No right colour. No committee. No grave. No sister. No door handles. No blue tulips. No no.

He talks with people from different worlds: a Czech poet, Ukrainian soldier, Polish accountant, Albanian painter, Israeli writer, and his own father, whom the author accompanies to Prague for the last time in his life. The book follows the advice given to the author by Hanna Krall: “Everything must have its form, its rhythm. Especially the absence.”

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