News 23.03.2020

Onet award for AFA Katowice teacher

Former director of the Silesian Museum Alicja Knast and AFA Katowice teacher Szymon Kobylarz win awards in the O!Lśnienia popular vote, the Cultural Awards of Onet and the City of Kraków

‘The O!Lśnienia Cultural Awards of Onet and the City of Kraków were presented in seven categories: Film, Literature, Visual Arts, Popular Music, Classical Music & Jazz, Theatre, and Series, to recognize the most important art events of 2019. The artists who have chances to win them are those whose talent, skill and freshness of perspective shone the brightest,’ inform the organisers.

The award in the Visual Arts category was presented jointly to Alicja Knast, former director of the Silesian Museum, and Szymon Kobylarz, teacher at the AFA Katowice.

Knast and Kobylarz won the award for the “Zajawka. Silesian hip-hop 1993-2003” at the Silesian Museum in Katowice. ‘The exhibition remembers the whole Silesian scene but its majority is devoted to Magik: his lyrics, copies loaned by his wife or son, music videos displayed on screens, a signed cassette, stills from the “You Are God” film,’ wrote Przemysław Bollin in his review.

Take a virtual tour of the exhibition


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