News 08.10.2021

‘OUR’ Barbara Jura exhibition in Rondo Sztuki Gallery

It might seem that the consumer culture has been studied and described from every angle. The process accelerated throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, and its direct consequence is the irreversible transformation of the world we live in. The market society based on constant economic growth has turned out to be another utopia that is just coming up against a brick wall.

The results include the draining of natural resources, global climate changes and fear for the quality of life of the next generations. Barbara Jura speaks with the voice of the young generation of artists who deal with the topic of environmental degradation, drawing on their sensitivity and fears materialized in landfill heaps. This art is socially engaged, its communication is outspoken, strong and direct. This honest message is received as an environmental manifesto expressed in the language of artistic metaphor. It has more in common with the language of activists than that of philosopher, after all we live in a world where the Great Pacific garbage patch – the drifting island of plastics – has become a depressing symbol of contemporary culture, along with the melting glaciers.

Curator: Dorota Nowak-Rodzińska

Exhibition sponsor: BPSC

Barbara Jura’s work was appreciated by the jury of the 10th Polish Print Triennial and presented with the main prize.

The exhibition accompanies the 11th Polish Print Triennial in Katowice.

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