News 16.08.2020

Our Design graduate becomes a finalist of Make Me Łódź Design Festival

YNTA hydrotherapy stand wins honourable mention

The YNTA stand was designed by Magdalena Michna-Czyrwik, then a student of Design.

The YNTA hydrotherapy stand is part of the sensory garden for children with disabilities, in care of the „Zameczek” Educational, Health and Rehabilitation Centre for Children and Young People in Rudołtowice. The endeavour was a response to the real need of the children, who enjoy playing with water, which in this case plays a therapeutic role. YNTA is a trough with water circulating in a closed system and four different panels for water handling. The water comes out of a hose handled by a therapist or a child. Individual elements are contrasting, but not excessively colour-toned, so that they are distinct for children with visual impairments, but do not overstimulate children hyper sensitive to stimuli. The design has been adapted to the needs of people in wheelchairs. Playing with the hydrotherapy set is relaxing, develops fine and gross motor skills, and stimulates hearing, touch and sight. The project is a versatile endeavour and can be used as an independent therapeutic aid or as part of a larger concept aimed at sensory therapy.

The design has been qualified for the final stage of make me! competition, which is part of the Łódź Design Festival. Out of the 268 competition entries 23 were shortlisted for awards.

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