News 25.10.2021

Pinocchio at Teatr Rozrywki

Poster by AFAD Katowice student

This is the 4th year when Graphic Design students have taken part in a stage production visual identity design. This year the topic was ‘Pinocchio Il Grande Musical.’

The Branding Studio headed by Prof. Katarzyna Gawrych-Olender has had a successful cooperation with Teatr Rozrywki in Chorzów for years.

The theatre selected the design by Michał Goliszewski (3rd year, full-time Graphic Design programme) and his idea has been used in all forms of promotion, both off- and online.

The quality of the works was so high that the theatre decided to additionally use the designs by Joanna Małyjurek and Piotr Pająk (3rd year, part-time Graphic Design programme) for other activities supporting the production.

The supervising teachers were prof. Katarzyna Gawrych-Olender, dr Marian Słowicki, mgr Piotr Dzik and Marcin Kasperek.

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