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POCZYTALNOŚĆ: The Silesian school of reportage – meeting with Magdalena Kicińska

The next meeting of the Poczytalność literary cycle will focus on Magdalena Kicińska’s Pani Stefa, which sheds light on Stefania Wilczyńska, the woman who ran the orphan home in Warsaw together with Janusz Korczak.

Magdalena Kicińska (born in 1987): a reporter. Editor of the “Reality” section in Pismo. Magazyn Opinii. She collaborates with Gazeta Wyborcza, has published in Tygodnik Powszechny. Winner of the Grand Press 2017 in the Interview category. She was nominated for the Teresa Torańska award and MediaTory 2016. Her book Pani Stefa has brought her the Literary Award of the City of Warsaw in 2016 and the Poznań Literary Award – Stanisław Brańczak grant for young artists in 2016, and nominations for the Gryfia Award and Conrad Award. Together with Marcin Dziedzic she co-authored the book Teraz ’43. Losy.

Pani Stefa

It is hard to believe that for so many years the role of Stefania Wilczyńska was reduced to that of Janusz Korczak’s assistant and helper. How unfair for the woman without whom the Warsaw orphan home at Krochmalna street could not exist. How fair that Magdalena Kicińska brings Mrs Stefa out from the shadow, and lets her resume her dignity and an equal place alongside the Good Doctor.

Magdalena Grzebałkowska

I do not know anyone else who might weave his story with equal attention and sensitivity. Look at things from a distance and focus on the detail when necessary, only to get a more precise look. “Thank you for writing about her,” Magdalena Kicińska was told by Gerszon Mandelblat, a former pupil of the Warsaw orphan home. We should be grateful, too.                                                                                                                                                          

Angelika Kuźniak

Co-organized by Regionalny Instytut Kultury

Hosted by Adrian Chorębała

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