News 11.12.2018

Polityka’s passport nominations dominated by AFA Katowice graduates

Two of the three artists nominated in the category of visual arts are alumni of the AFA Katowice.

Polityka’s passports are awards for talented artists who are at the early stages of their careers but already have significant achievements. The artists are nominated in seven categories. The awards granted by the Polityka weekly, and the nominations themselves, are considered to be among Poland’s most prestigious cultural awards.

The winners will be announced on 9 January 2019 but we already know that our two alumni Martyna Czech and Rafał Milach stand a chance.

Polityka writes about Martyna: “While still a student, she caused a stir in 2015 when she won the main prize in one of the most important competitions in Poland, the Bielska Jesień Biennial. Two years later she was recognized in the Talenty Trójki competition. For her, painting is simply life.”

In 2018 Milach was the first person from Poland to join the legendary Magnum photo agency as a Nominee. “Milach surprises the viewer with the frequently changing style of his work, and recently added spatial and audio installations to his means of expression,” writes Polityka.

The third Passport nominee is Diana Lelonek. The full list of nominated artists is available here.

The jury also considered AFA lecturers Dominika Kowynia and Michał Smandek for the nominations.

Jury panel:
Jakub Banasiak (SZUM magazine), Rafał Kamecki (, Paweł Łubowski (Artluk), Sonia Milewska (Polski Portal Kultury, Piotr Policht (, Joanna Ruszczyk (Newsweek), Karol Sienkiewicz (Gazeta Wyborcza), Karolina Staszak (Arteon), Anna Theiss (independent critic), Iwo Zmyślony (independent critic).

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