News 20.12.2019

Professor Roman Nowotarski has died

The AFA’s long-time lecturer’s funeral service will be held at St. Andrew’s church in Zabrze on Monday 23 December at 13:00

In his art, he consistently approached the idea of the landscape as a personal topography: a kind of imaging that interprets the experience of space as searching for a place for one’s presence.

Industrial landscapes, vedutas, city backstreets, gateways, windows and yards are the elements of the syntax used by the artist to construct the story of his refugee experience; when he was eight years old, his family were forced out from their native Vorokhta  (Hutsulshchyna) following the outbreak of the WWII. His early years were spent in a continuous journey, accompanied by the shifting views from train windows, new places seen in passing. The stragety of the mature artist is to build presentations from the remains of remembered and imagines views, to recognize, familiarize them and to set the pieces anew.

(fragments of a text by Jolanta Jastrząb and Irma Kozina)

We recommend watching the documentary about Professor Roman Nowotarski.

Location, the album of Prof. Nowotarski’s art, is available at the AFA Library.

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