News 10.11.2020

Public space during the plague

Neighbour support board in Kielce

Julia Piwowarska, student of AFA Katowice, has won the main prize of the “Public space during the plague” competition organised by the Design Institute in Kielce. Now, we can see the implemented prototype.


The jury appreciates the important element of building a community of neighbours, which is key both at the time of the pandemic and after it ends. Relatively low-cost, available and easy to use, the proposed tools make the projects appear as very apt responses to the current situation and the expected economic crisis. Both proposals perform the function of manual communicators that build or strengthen social ties. What is interesting, the proposals of Julia Piwowarska and Marta Kwiatek complement each other to a certain extent. The neighbour support board is meant for immediately local information exchange, while “Daj mi znak” takes the  message to a broader audience, beyond the nearest neighbour group.

The winning project was created at the Public Space Design Studio.


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