News 28.04.2022

Serigraphy! Prints by Agata Stępień, Piotr Skowron and Damian Idzikowski

Visit Koszarowa 19 Gallery to see works by artists from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź: Agata Stępień, Piotr Skowron and Damian Idzikowski. Their works, made in the serigraphy technique, will be displayed until 11 May,with the closing event at 12:00 on that day.

About the exhibition"

‘Our exhibition shows the possibilities offered by serigraphy and by going beyond the technical and technological limitations but still drawing on the knowledge of the technique. The print ceases to be just a print but becomes a field for multi-layer research and experimentation in the area of joining tradition with modernity. The serigraphy technique, with its possibilities of multiple layering and creating various textures, is the perfect means for our artistic expression. We usually create series or cycles of works, connected by a common theme, form, or a motif processed in numerous ways. The works we present are the effect of a certain unpredictability of the final result, ensuing from accepting risk as an important element of work. After all, risk is inherent in all kinds of creative activity. Therefore, instead of pattern we look at works marked by technological experiments. These complex structures are closer in their nature to painting that to printmaking in its traditional understanding, and this similarity illustrates the constant search for new means of expression. The works become the mediums of the artist’s emotions, moods, but also imagination.’

Agata Stępień

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