News 27.07.2020

“Shelf” Hanging shoe box design by Agnieszka Szmyd wins award of the FOPS company

The competition task was to design a cardboard display packaging for any clothing or footwear product.

The main requirement was to design a product with two functionalities. First, the packaging should protect the item and facilitate its transport, stocking and storage. The second functionality is the possibility to use the packaging as a display device, exhibiting the product in an interesting spatial arrangement.

The jury recognised the Shelf design for its originality, standing out among other competition entries and packages available in the market. Agnieszka Szmyd’s design is particularly attractive as the multi-function product is built using a simple one-piece pattern that can be easily transformed into a display device for one or several pairs of footwear. Therefore, the shop interior can be quickly and freely arranged, without the need to use additional structures.

The competition took place as part of the “Introduction to product design” course taught by dr hab. Agata Chmielarz, dr hab. Andrzej Klisz and mgr Bartłomiej Nawrocki in cooperation with the Research and Development Centre of the Fops company from Cieszyn.

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