News 05.07.2019

Sign up for the International Studio

The 2019/2020 winter semester studio will be taught by Philippe Gerlach.

The course is available to:
-    4th and 5th-year students of the Faculty of Art (enrolment at the Dean’s Office, by e-mail or in person by 31 July)
-    second-cycle students of the Faculty of Design (enrolment via USOS by 3 July).

The International Studio is an elective, supporting course.

Philippe Gerlach is a visual artist and photographer whose work and influences stem from the personal and autobiographical. Trying to merge his personal life with his artistic practice, Gerlach creates longterm portrait series of friends, lovers and aquaintances that are instilled with sentiments of intimacy and immediacy.

Encorporating digital and analog techniques, his wall installations are less focused on the single image, but on building a neural mesh that connects recent memories to older ones. Frequently these networks are enforced with nods to subculture and music. Though widely exhibited, the preferred final form of Gerlach's works is not necessarly the exhibition, but includes self-publishing, various forms of collaboration and sharing.

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