News 01.12.2019

Siłaczka: performative installation

Event at the meeting point of physical theatre and installation. Open Space at R50 building.

Siłaczka (Strongwoman) is a project where art objects, light and sound come into organic relations with the performer’s body. The spectacle is a joint fantasy of the authors on the theme of strength. Their personal associations, quotes from popular culture and artistic fantasies brought to life three creations/personas that embody the strength of excess, the strength of charisma and the strength of physical work. We fantasize about strength. We desire it, although the desire manifests itself in a multitide of figures.

idea, direction, production: Anna Duda
idea, choreography and performance: Karolina Brzęk
installation and art objects: Sybilla Skałuba
sound: Piotr Ceglarek
costumes: Katarzyna Stasiak
lighting: Dastin Greczyło
performers: Katarzyna Bebiołka, Anna Burek, Magdalena Jankowiak, Natalia Grobelka
bass: Michał Świderek, percussion: Filip Janota, second vocal: Maciej Koper
consultants: Natalia Pucek, Natalia Wilk
organizer: Stowarzyszenie Górnośląski Klaster Kreatywny
co-organizer: Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice

Project co-financed by the Katowice City of Gardens Cultural Institution under the Teatrogranty 2019 programme.

This year’s Teatrogranty edition refers to the 90th anniversary of Konrad Swinarski’s birth. We believe that our tribute to the artist will be best expressed through a project that involves different levels of acting techniques and possibilities of character creation.

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