News 10.02.2020

Simple Gestures: exhibition at BWA Gallery in Katowice

The exhibition explores the question of how artistic competences may contribute to building the common good

Each project participant worked in cooperation with another person, or a group of people, to create the scenario of a happening, installation, sound or visual archive, protest, demonstration etc. The documentation of these activities, reflecting the flows between everyday life and art, ephasizes the role of the institution as a place  to meet and exchange ideas. In this context, the work of art is the transitional moment of the communication process, an invitation to cooperate, a condensed idea mediated by the artists in the form of paintings, objects, sound or gesture. The very idea of authorship is blurred. The artists initiate certain processes, creating scenarios of the practices they want to share with the viewers. By constructing the choreographies of a community, they propose a set of activities to perform, including: hoarding, saving, providing care, storytelling, filming, listening, resting, helping, sharing or looking into the future.

The project participants were lecturers and graduates of the AFA in Katowice.                                

Simple Gestures
BWA Gallery in Katowice // al. Korfantego 6
Opening // 21 February 2020, 18.00 // free admission
Exhibition // 22.02-20.03.2020

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