News 16.07.2021

Śląska Rzecz '20 (the Silesian thing '20)

Many awards and nominations for lecturers and graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.

This is the only regional design competition that promotes localism in line with the idea of "think globally, act locally". What matters here, is not just good ideas but the quality and effects of their implementation.


Among the winners and designers who are qualified for the exhibition Śląska Rzecz 2020, there is a large group of lecturers, graduates and students of the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. The graduates and lecturers have created or contributed to the creation of each award-winning project.


Congratulations to:

Agnieszka Nawrocka

Aleksandra Krupa

Anna Kmita

Anna Pohl

Bartłomiej Witański

Justyna Kucharczyk

Katarzyna Pełka-Bura

Kinga Pawlik

Klaudia Gołaszczyk

Marcin Krater

Marcin Wysocki

Maria Prochaczek

Marta Gawin

Marta Żmija

Martyna Berger

Michał Latko

Natalia Jakóbiec

Natalia Pietruszewska-Golba

Oliwia Michniewska

Piotr Jakoweńko

Piotr Kowalczyk

Tomasz Bierkowski

Weronika Mehr

Weronika Siupka

Zofia Oslislo-Piekarska

  • Śląska Rzecz, product category

    A caravan with a sleeping area to transport dogs

    manufacturer: Metbox Kurpas Sp. J., Orzesze

    Design: Michał Latko, Jakub August, Natalia Kacprzyk, Łukasz Szczęsny, Natalia Pietruszewska-Golba, Arkadiusz Kandora (TENKA + LATKO)


    The caravan to transport dogs, with an additional sleeping area, combines space for pets, space for the persons who look after them and working space. The design consists of a special structure and supplementary elements (platforms, handles, luggage and rest space) to ensure maximum comfort and ergonomics of use. The applied photovoltaic installation allows for the production of clean energy. The service life of the caravan made of aluminum is 40-60 years. The caravan was designed for athletes who take part, together with their dogs, in various sports disciplines and for emergency services that participate in rescue operations and use the assistance of dogs.

  • Visual information system for buildings of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice

    implementation: the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice

    design: Justyna Kucharczyk, Agnieszka Nawrocka (Tukej), Anna Pohl


    The comprehensive design of the visual information system for three buildings of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice of different architectural styles includes bilingual signage of the objects, directional information and information carriers. In the project, images of numbers designed by 35 university employees were used. Various historical and spatial contexts, as well as the values of the art university, were taken into account. The goal of the designers was to create a system that would not be overly elegant but would reflect the spontaneity of the students and, at the same time, reinforce the identity of the institution. The added value of the project is the presentation of diversity and originality characteristic of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.

  • Śląska Rzecz, exhibition category

    Exhibition ''Życie ludzi" (People's lives)

    implementation: Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Kronika, Bytom (Art gallery in Bytom)

    The curators ask about the place of individual persons in society and their functioning in the group. The visual presentation at the exhibition, in which the German fraktur was used, refers to the difficulty of the addressed topics - totalitarianism, enslavement by the system and women's rights.

  • Honourable mention of the Association of Applied Graphic Designers in the category of exhibition

    SAW - Stacja Audio-Wizualna Katowice (Audio- visual station)
    implementation and technical development: Paweł Krzywdziński, Raz Dwa neony i komunikacja wizualna, Zabrze (Advertising agency in Zabrze)
    concept and design: Marta Gawin
    cooperation: Instytucja Kultury - Katowice Miasto Ogrodów (City of Gardens Cultural Institution)

    It is an interactive light installation that responds to the intensity of sound - the neon goes out while exposed to sound disturbances. It is located in the centre of Katowice, on one of the advertising poles. The disturbing nature of the installation encourages to slow down and consciously experience the reality in the face of the global pandemic threat. The installation, partly made of recycled materials, is a bottom-up, non-commercial project, implemented on the author's own initiative with the support of the programme "Lokata w Kulturę" of Katowice – City of Gardens cultural institution.

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