News 18.11.2019

Śląska rzecz: awards for projects by AFA Katowice teachers

History of Kościuszki street and Masters from Bytom win awards

Śląska rzecz (Silesian thing), art of exhibitions category

Promenada na południe. Historia ulicy Kościuszki (Southbound Promenade. History of Kościuszki street): co-authored by Anna Kopaczewska and Jan Dybała / Atelier S10, teachers at AFA Katowice.

Implementation: Katowice Miasto Ogrodów Institution of Culture, Katowice

The story of the street was inspired by archive documents unavailable to the wider public. The exhibition took on the form of an “information point” and encouraged the viewers to explore the Kościuszki by following thematic trails. The project was addressed at residents, tourists and enthusiasts of new technologies so the media used included animations, graphs, podcasts and printed guidebooks. The idea is continued on the Internet. The inclusion of the local community was important, and the story of the past became a starting point for talks about the future of the street.


Award of the Zamek Cieszyn, graphic design category

Fachmani z Bytomia (Masters from Bytom): co-authored by Agata Korzeńska, teacher at AFA Katowice

Implementation: LANDSZAFT Informal Group

The idea of the project was to present the local tradespeople in Bytom and to support inter-generational integration. The attractive visual form gets the message across to the young viewers and informs them about the disappearing professions, at the same time encouraging them to use the services of the Bytom shops which are still operating. Apart from a small publication with a map showing the location of the ten shops, the project also included promotion in social media. This social and artistic project shows the value of collaboration of different groups and intends to engage and integrate the local community. The information base that was created is meant to be expanded, and the project to be developed.

Anna Kopaczewska

  • magister sztuki
  • wykładowca
  • magister sztuki
  • wykładowca

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