News 06.11.2018

SOLARIS/ landscapes, paraphrases – first performance of the work of Stanisław Bromboszcz

The work is an original interpretation of fragments of one of Stanisław Lem’s most famous novels.

The experience of an inhuman situation that the novel’s characters find themselves in as a result of the impenetrable actions of the ocean that surrounds them has been translated into three complementary media: sound, movement and video projection. The music, emitted from 12 speakers which surround the audience, creates the environment of the planet (the landscapes) where the tragedy of Kelvin and Harey takes place. Their fates are echoed both in dance and in dynamic typography: the fragments of texts projected directly onto the walls. The cool electronic sounds crashing against the dancers’ bodies seem to be a warning that ‘every “visitor,” when he appears, is almost a phantom...’

18th Silesian Days of Contemporary Music

Stanisław Bromboszcz
SOLARIS/ landscapes, paraphrases
A composition for electronic sounds, video projection and stage movement

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