Space in the Space – Pavel Korbička
News 14.02.2017

Space in the Space – Pavel Korbička

He creates site-specific light installations, audiovisual projects and animated calligraphies. He bases his works on exploring space and its perception modes. From 14 February to 21 March 2017, Pavel Korbička presented his works at the Intermedia Experimental Gallery of the Katowice ASP (Koszarowa 19).

The artist graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, since 1988 he has worked as a lecturer at the Fine Arts Faculty of Brno University. Since 1990, he has had exhibitions in his country and abroad. In 1995 he was chosen a representative of the Czech Republic to the EU programme for young artists: GERMINATIONS IX in Delphi, Greece.
In 2011 at the Skyway International Light Festival in Toruń, he realised his Parallels installation. His architectural installations include a light installation at the House of Art in Brno.

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